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Great Ocean Quarterly ….


The Great Ocean Quarterly journal recently referenced the Alma Doepel restoration project on facebook. Their endeavours and fundraising efforts are worth a look.

greatocean    greatocean crowdfunding

Fitting the new stem ….

AD 13082020 peter (1)

AD 13082020 peter (2)

The new stem is being lifted and positioned ready for final shaping and bolting. The new stem replaces the timber section above the steel covering the keel. Thanks again Peter.

A new stem soon ….

Remains of the old stem – top photo

The grey gum timber selected for the making of the new stem – bottom photo.

Thanks to Peter Harris for the updates and photos.



New rudder post ….

Grey gum for new rudder post 3 Aug 2020 (1)

Grey gum selected for the making of the new rudder post – 3rd August 2020.

New rudder post 7 Aug 2020

Same piece of timber, now the new rudder post – 7th August 2020. Again thanks Peter

Propeller shaft ….

Drilling pilot hole for stb prop shaft 5 Aug 2020

During the last week one of the tasks commenced has been the drilling of the pilot hole for the starboard propellor shaft.  The shaft will exit the engine room  ( as in this photo ) and line up exactly with the eye of the A frame that will support it on the exterior of the hull.  Thanks Peter for the update and photo.

New samson post ….

In August 2018 the samson post was thought to be repairable ( refer to post dated 20/8/2018 ) but it has been replaced. The new samson post  – the large unpainted vertical timber  piece  –  has been constructed and installed. A feature of a sansom post is that it is visible above the deck but extends through all decks to the keelson. This creates the maximum strength for the post which can be used for handling anchors, mooring lines or a tow rope. Thanks to Peter Harris for the update and photo.

AD 27072020 IMG_0211

The A frames ….

AD 24072020 IMG_0210

In the last few days the starboard A frame has been lifted into position ready to be bolted to the hull. This frame is the support for the propellor shaft and is bolted completely through the hull.

The 2 photos below were taken in early 2013 and show the position and function of the A frame.

This photo below gives an idea of the size of the A frame. Both frames – port and starboard – have been cleaned of rust and primed and painted. Although not large each  would weigh well in excess of 100 kilo.

30 June 2013 rust prevention ready


Hull update ….

Planing of the hull has been completed and the first of many coats of primer has been applied. Photos dated several weeks ago – end of June 2020.

Port side progress ….

AD 28052020 (3)

The planing of the bow section of the port side has commenced.   Date – 28/5/2020

AD port planed 02062020

Five days later the planing is almost finished.  Date  – 2/6/2020

AD port primed 12062020 Nine days later the entire port side has been primed with the first coat.  Date  – 11/6/2020

( Again thanks to Peter Harris for the use of the last two photos )

Bow and stern views ….

Several shots of the bow and stern showing the completed strakes and the graceful shape of the hull.