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Stringer scarfs ….

Some of the stringer timbers have been joined used a flat scarf. A vertical join is all that can be seen at eye level but from above and below there is a taper in the end of each piece of timber. The angle of the taper is determined by the shipwright and will depend on the type of timber, the load on the timber, other joins already used etc.

AD 30072016 stringers ready  (5)

AD 30072016 stringers ready  (11)

The second type of scarf used is the plain scarf as shown with the photo of the painted and unpainted timbers. The lower photo shows the scarf cut at the end of the timber ready for a matching join. These scarfs are bolted vertically and the bolt ends are then plugged.

Further information on scarfs.


Starboard stringer replacement ….

The starboard stringer needed to be replaced. When the Alma Doepel was built this would have been a continuous piece of hardwood. This was impossible to do when replacing the stringer. Many lengths of hardwood – 4 – 6 meters in length – were used. These timbers were shaped in Shed 2 and then lifted on board. The access to each cabin area was so restictive for such large timbers that access for positioning each piece was from the engine compartment. A block and tackle and much human effort was needed to push the timbers past the bulkheads to their correct position. The first photo shows how this was done.

The other three photos show a gap between the stringer and the beam shelf above it. This gap will be closed by forcing the stringer up before the final fastening of it to the frames.

Recycled jarrah wharf timbers …

Several packs of reclaimed jarrah wharf timbers have been donated to the restoration of the Alma Doepel. The timber was part of the local wharves being demolished near Shed 2. The timber is to be used in the replacement of  hull components that have been deemed irrepairable.

AD 30072016 jarrah ready (13)

A piece of donated timber being shaped and cleaned ready to replace parts of the hull structure. The timbers are extremely hard and dense and their thickness does not allow the thicknesser to dress the timber to the correct thickness.


Gallery 4 – Hull condition – June 2013 ….

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Oregon planks arrive at Shed 2 ….

The oregon timber for the Long Yard has been delivered to Shed 2. The timber was purchased with money donated by the Freemasons Foundation Victoria Limited. The selected  timber is straight grained and as free from knots as possible. Over the next months I will endeavour to provide frequent photographs of the processes involved in the making of this spar. This spar is the largest on the Alma Doepel and the last to be made.

Bulwark removed ….

The bulwarks ( at the stern of the ship ) have been removed and are in the shed for inspection and repairs as needed. The bulwarks when repaired,  may be stored inside for sometime until other repairs to the stern area are completed.


Gallery 3 – On a barge – April 2013 ….

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