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Planking update ….

The following photos show the progress in planking the spaces in the upper strakes. Work is concentrating on the stern and bow areas both port and starboard.

Some photos appear “spotted” – it was raining.


Christmas and New Year period ….

During  late December and January priogress has been made on planking the spaces between the alternate upper strakes.  These strakes were completed to ensure the rigidity of the hull when the old planks were progressively removed. Both the stern and bow sections have had planks attached on the port and starboaord sides.

Progress with planking ….

Strake N has 2 planks ( 1port and 1 starboard ) to be attached to be completed.  Twelve planks have been attached at the bow and stern as part of the strakes O and P.


Completed strakes @15/11/2019

The total completed strakes is 17 with strake M completed during week ending 15/11/2019 and strake N has several planks attached – the unpainted planks in the photo are part of strake N.

Planking – great progress ….

The photos not only show the progress being made but give an indication of the size of the planks and the amount of work needed at the stern of the ship. ( It also appears like a Laurie at work photo shoot )

Completed strakes @6/11/2019


The total completed strakes is 16 and the number of planks fixed to the hull is now 211.  Strake L has been completed during week ending 6/11/2019 and strake M has several planks attached.

Steaming planks ….

Planks at various stages of being steamed to the required shape. Planks are wrapped in a heavy vinyl, taken to the ship and clamped at one end to the hull. After a few hours of having the vinyl bag filled with steam  the plank can be gently bent and clamped to the hull. The plank is then allowed to cool and maintain its required shape. Next step is to attach it to hull with bolts, dumps and spikes.