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Plank wear and tear ….

Planks removed from the lower section of the hull have shown wear between the frames. In  the bilge as items like sand, small bits of cargo etc sink they then move with the ship. This motion over the years has ” eroded ” the inside surface of the plank. Many of the planks are significantly thinner from this action.

Calculating the camber ….

The shipwrights have laid out timbers that are the guides for then deck camber. The camber of a deck allows the water, both salt and fresh, to flow over the side of the ship. If the camber is not sufficient or the decking has sunk then the decking may leak or it may rot.


Raising the Master’s cabin ….

To enable the 2 new carlings ( 1 each on the  port and starboard side of the deckhouse ) to be fitted to the decking structure the chart room and Master’s cabin needed to be jacked up clear of the deck timbers. This created enough clearance for the new carlings to be slid into position and attached correctly. The cabin will be lowered at the appropriate time when all necessary work has been completed.


Stern repairs ….


The shipwrights have marked out the stern of the ship with datum points to correctly align the counter at the stern, the sheer and camber of the decking. The small white rectangles of plywood and the long strips of timber set out the required heights etc for the correct laying of the new carlings, deck and deck house alignment.   The carlings, fore-and-aft deck timbers set between the deck beams, were in need of replacing. The deterioration of the carlings over the years had caused the deck to change shape ( the camber and sheer were not correct ). The two carlings are port and starboard of the Master’s cabin which they supported. As the camber of the deck was not correct the Master’s cabin leaked and had some degree of rot in the interior timbers and panelling.


Where’s Alma ….


Alma’s knees exposed ….

The deck has been lifted at the stern and this has exposed the beam shelf, the deck beams and the now much mentioned lodging knees. The purpose of some  knees can be seen from the ” above ” aspect – ie  enhancing the strength and rigidity of the hull at the junction of the beam shelf and the deck beams. Other knees are situated betweem deck beams and bulkheads.

Props completed ….

The eight new props have been completed and the barge decking modified and bolted back.