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Covers damaged during storm …

The awning or cover over the Alma Doepel was extensively damaged during the storm that occurred in Melbourne on Sunday 9th. Oct. The material has been removed completely and the damaged timber frame needed repairing. Repairs should be completed by the coming weekend.

A few hours work …

A large piece of reclaimed wharf timber is shaped into another beam to be fitted to the stern of the ship. The timber needed several bolts removed, the size reduced with an electric plane and the ends shaped to the correct angles and sizes. A coat of primer to dry overnight and the next day will see the timber become a part of the Alma Doepel.

Decking support follow up ….

The decking at the stern section had become loose. The reason apparently was that, as the stern distorted, the decking planks at the base of the Master’s cabin had an upward pressure exerted. The deck beam that these planks were fixed to had rotted as water had penetrated below the planks to the beam. The first 3 photos show the removal of the deck planks and the narrowness of the deck beam. The graving pieces shown in the Oct. 3rd. 2016 blog entry have been glued and clamped into position. These repairs alone would not have provided sufficient support for the deck planks. A new deck beam has been shaped and fitted with a scarf as shown in the last photo. This deck beam spans the hull from the beam shelf on the port and starboard of the ship.

Spar progress more photos. …

Shaping the scarf using an electric planer rather than the band saw. The length of the timber has made the band saw less accurate and awkward. Recesses / holes have been shaped for the sheaves. The spar when all layers / laminates are completed will then be planed to a round profile with the same taper at each end.

Spar progress …


The photos were taken on the dates 3rd. Sept.2016 ( top photo.) and 1st. Oct. 2016 ( bottom photo.) and details the progress made in those 4 weeks. The spar has grown from the start of the first layer or laminate to 3 completed laminates. Each laminate has 3 or 4 pieces of timber to be glued with very exact scarfs joining each piece.

Hawsers completed ….


In June 2016 the “mould” for the foundry to use to cast 2 new hawsers was completed.

The foundry check the “mould” for accuracy and suitability and then used it to produce the hawsers as seen below. They have been primed to protect them until such time that they are fitted to the Alma Doepel. Another important and time consuming task completed.

Decking support …

Many relatively small but vital jobs are being completed at the same time as major tasks are done.  One such smaller task is the repairs to the deck beam at the entrance to the Master’s cabin. The unsound timber has been removed and the top two photos show the space and the graving piece that will be glued in the space. All this will then be capped with the longer piece shown in the third photo. The decking will then be laid over this and be stronger and sounder than before.