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Bow frames in place ….

The three bow frames in the previous blog post have now been positioned and attached to the knee aft of the apron. They have been scarfed to the upper part of the frame and secured at the lower section.  All the frames still need to be shaped before the planks can be fitted.   ( Apron : A timber fixed behind the stem that acts as a surface to which the forward ends of the planking can be nailed )


Bow frames ….

Three frames have been made from single pieces of reclaimed wharf timbers and are ready to be fitted. These frames will be fitted forward of the bow-thruster frame at the bow of the ship. They are shorter and straighter than other frames as they do not reach to the keel. As can be seen the 3 frames have intricate,  complex angles for a perfect fit to the other hull components.

Unusual laminated frame ….

A new laminated frame was needed at the bow section to be placed between the keel and keelson but also directly under a water tight bulkhead. The above photos show the frame being made – note the number of laminates used and  the curve at the top or inside edge. The greatest thickness of the frame determines the number of layers or laminates that are needed and the curve is determined by the hull shape at the position the frame is to be placed.

The first and second of the 4 above photos shows the positioning of the new frame – directly below the bulkhead – port side looking forward.  The next photo. shows the frame in relation to the port-side bow-thruster frame at the bow of the ship. The last photo. shows the the frame sitting on the keel and the keelson above it.

Laminating frames ….

The following slide show illustrates how the frames for the hull are now being laminated. The timber is old wharf hard wood and is being sawn into various lengths and about 10 mm thick. These pieces are steamed into shape in situ using clamps, bolts, nails and anything else deemed suitable. The bent laminates or pieces are then glued together. More laminates are added by repeating the process. The final frame is planed smooth and painted and appears as if it was made from a single section of timber. All the glue and paint is supplied by our sponsors Hempel (Australia ) P/L.

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Adze marks ….

Original 1903 adze marks were “discovered” on the underside of the chain locker flooring.  Hopefully the timber is sound enough to be returned to the ship.

Further pinrail repairs ….

This section of the pinrail has had several graving pieces inserted to replace the damaged timber that was removed. The middle area and both ends have been repaired and with some final shaping and protection will be ready to be reinstalled on the ship.

Port planks removed ….

Work has progressed with the port bow planks, forward of the bow thruster frames, being removed.  This allows the frames to be inspected. Frames may need to be repaired or replaced. Some ceiling planks have been removed from the interior of the chain locker and crew cabin. The photos show the progress from 2/9/2017 to 16/9/2017.