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Only planking photos ….


Completed strakes @14/9/2019

as of 14092019 (4)

The total completed strakes remains at 12 but the number of planks fixed to the hull is now 154.  Strake H has been completed during week ending 14/9/2019 and strakes I and J have some planks attached but not all. further updates next week .

Holes and plugs ….

Plugs are being cut from offcuts of the hardwood being used for the planks.  Every countersunk  hole in the planks contains a dump or a spike or a bolt and will need to be plugged before the fairing of the hull commences.

Rudder ready for repairs ….

The rudder has been uncovered ready for inspection and repairs . There are a few areas of soft timber that will be removed and graving pieces inserted.  We shall attempt to follow the progress of these repairs over the next several months.

Completed strakes @7/9/2019 ….

AD 31082019 (16)

The total completed strakes remains at 11 but the number of planks fixed to the hull is now 146.

I use the term “completed strakes ” to indicate that the planks of a strake have been fixed to the hull. The strake has had plugs glued into holes, sanded and painted and though this may look finished it is not. All strakes are still to be faired or planed to the desired final shape.  All unevenness like saw blade marks from the mill and different thickness in each plank is still be addressed.  The photograph with areas marked shows some examples of the work still to be done.

AD 27072019 (16)




Labelling the strakes ….

Illustrating the labelling of the strakes from the keel upwards. The top photo shows the completed strakes and the next 2 – H and I – being started. The bow ( lower photo ) also has the H and I strakes commenced with several planks fixed in place.

Stern planks ….

The port and starboard components of each strake are merging at the stern.  The decreasing space between the upper and lower strakes indicates the great progress being made.