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Decking lifted ….

Some decking at the stern, starboard side has lifted so that the deck beams, beam shelves and knees can be inspected. The photos show how the old bolts are removed with a purpose built machine.  The old bolt holes will be plugged with hard wood dowel and the new bolts will be located beside the old holes.

AD 04032017 (8)

Deck beam exposed and deck planks ready for assessment.

AD 04032017 (7)

Deck beams and knees ( new and old ) – with the beams looking like they may need some repairs.


Ongoing work …

AD 04032017 (9)

The eight extra laminations have been completed and are now being shaped. The laminations were needed as the girth of the spar was several millimeters “skinny” and now some of the extra timber will be planed off until the correct profile is achieved.

AD 04032017 (10)

Block construction continues with the edges of a double block being routed on the router table. All blocks – single, double or triple – have the edges routed to the same shape.

Counter and margin boards ….

The counter and margin boards from the stern have been repaired and laid out on the deck. They are arranged in the correct order – the same as they were when fitted. Each peice is has a unique shape and not interchangeable with another. The margin boards are the smaller ones that are fitted between the stanchions. They form a continuous outside edge at the margin of the ship. The counter boards are larger and connect in a particular way to form the decking at the stern. Photo below illustrates how some of the boards will be refitted


Stern braces or correctly floors ….


A temporary brace was installed on the port and starboard side of the stern post for strength and rigidity.


The permanent braces called floors, of galvanized steel,  were fabricated off site and delivered to Shed 2.

Permanent braces ie floors  installed.


Fitting bands to spar ….

Each end of the spar ( port and starboard )  are being fitted. The timber needs to be tapered and allow the bands to seat tightly at an exact distance from the end. All measurements  have been taken from the original spar and replicated.

Blocks – still being made ….

The seemingly endless task of making the hundreds of blocks needed continues at Shed 2 and at a volunteers home.  When the riggers start to rig the ship it will be known if enough or too many blocks have been made.

Stern work slideshow …

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The following sequence of photos indicates the great work of shipwrights and volunteers for the period July 2016 to January 2017.  These photos show work done on the decking, shelf beams and deck beams. Most timbers were repaired or replaced.