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More frames ….

A special thanks to Ian Stacey, who will provide photos for this blog over the next few months.

New laminated frames being fitted on the port and starboard sides near the bow thruster frames.  Ceiling planks have been reinstalled in the bow section before the bow frames are completed. It is difficult area to work in and would be more difficult and confines if all the frames were in place.  More pallets of ex-wharf timber have been metal detected for metal bits before going to be milled.



Stern cover boards ….

The stern cover boards have been repaired and have been laid out on the deck for several months. The shipwrights have commenced laying the boards back to their correct positions. Notice the curved batten outside the stanchions. This batten sets the curve of the cover boards exactly where the shipwrights have determined they should be.

Old markings ….

Old markings on the inside of a plank that has been removed from the hull and is now being reused. As this is an original plank, I guess that these markings were made by the shipwrights who built the ship 114 years ago.

Re-using hull planks ….

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Many hull planks are able to be repaired and used again but not as planks. The sound timber has all metal removed and the holes drilled out. A hardwood dowel is glued in each hole with the excess glue and dowel then removed. The plank is then sanded ready for priming. This timber can then be reused, generally in the interior of the ship. By spending the time and effort in repairing these planks much of the 114 year old timbers are being saved.

More frames ….

AD 04112017 ready (20)

Two large pieces of reclaimed timber being shaped as replacement frames.

Two new laminated frames – shaped and ready to be fitted to the hull. Photos taken on 4th November 2017 and these frames are already in position on the hull.

Three more frames ready for fitting to the hull – photographed Saturday the 11th of November.

Bow comparison ….

Two photos taken 3 weeks apart ( 7/10/17 and 28/10/17 ) illustrating the progress being made by the shipwrights and volunteers.  Several port bow frames and ceiling boards have been removed and the chain locker and forward crew cabin have both been refurbished while easily accessible.

Framing progress ….


Terrific progress has been made on the starboard bow with many more frames constructed and positioned. Further shaping of the installed frames has continued to show the final contours of the hull.

Several port frames aft of the bow thruster have been replaced with new laminated frames. Great to see the bow taking shape on both sides of the hull.

The last photo again shows the plain scarf joints that join the sections of the frame.