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Plank removal port side ….

Work has been concentrating on the removal of the planks on the port of the hull. Many of the nails and dumps come away from the hull with the plank. This however indicates that the frame has deteriorated as well. All the nails and dumps left in the frames need to be removed.

Steel fittings for the spar ….

The steel fittings for the final spar are being prepared for priming and painting. All rust and old paint are removed before priming.  The final coat is black and applied before the fittings are attached to the spar.

Bosch assisting the restoration ….


For sometime Bosch has been donating electrical tools to the restoration efforts. Most recently a pair of large trade variable-speed rotary drills were donated. These drills have been invaluable in speeding up the removal of planks. Thanks must go to Bosch for their generous and valued assistance.

Port and starboard ….

Photos showing the progress being made removing the planks from the hull. Work has concentrated on the starboard side – facing the dock.

Planks off ….

As the planks below the waterline are removed the condition of the frames is apparent. Many frames are in sound condition but others will need to be replaced or repaired.  Repairs may entail sections being replaced or graving pieces inserted to replace soft areas of timber.

The pictured rope is supporting the weight of the plank. The plank would break as the timber is extremely dense and each plank can weigh up to several hundred kilograms. Four  volunteers were needed to carry one plank during the week. Salvaged planks are being kept as they may yet be used in other parts of the ship.

Removing dumps and spikes ….

When planks are removed the spikes and dumps may come away from the frames with the plank. This generally indicates that the frame is not in very good condition as it did not hold the fastening. If the frames are in good condition the fastenings ( dumps and spikes ) pull through the plank as it is removed. The fastenings then need to be removed using the custom made machine shown in the photo. The bottom photo shows an assortment of fastenings already “pulled” from the ship’s frames.

Harry the Hirer donation ….

Harry the Hirer has donated a marquee to the Alma Doepel restoration. The marquee will be used for presentations and fund-raising events. At present it has mainly restored  furniture, rigging blocks and  skylights on display. The marquee will also provided and much needed area for painting and staining items. There will be less dust to settle on the painted items inside the marquee, than in the open area of the shed. A much appreciated donation.