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Frames 48 and 51 one week ago ….

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The installing of the last 7 frames has been progressing at a very steady rate. The frames have changed in shape to the mid-ship frames allowing for the counter or type of stern of the ship.


Volunteers work ….

AD 19012019 (1)

Volunteers are trying to keep ahead of the shipwrights – this space is going to be painted while it is relatively accessible. When frames a put in place this area under the Master’s cabin will be even more difficult to prime and paint.

Two new volunteers are sanding years of dirt and oil from the stringers in the engine room. The original timber stringers run the length of the ship – both port and starboard – and where possible will be clear coated in an epoxy sealer to highlight as much original timber as is possible.

Framing progress – as of 12th Jan 2019 – ….


The Alma Doepel has 53 frames – all needing repairs or replacing.  To give an indication of the great progress I have indicated the completed frames in bold blue and the remaining frames in light black ink. The frames are numbered from the bow ie no. 1 frame at the bow and frame 53 at the stern. Frame 46 was near completion in early January 2019, leaving only 7 frames to be completed.

ad 12012019 (19)

The above photo shows the stern area where frames 46 to 53 are . Most of the planking and frames has been removed to allow measuring and templating. The photo below shows how the shipwrights make templates of the required shape.

ad 12012019 (5)

Two tugs ….

AD 08122018 (43)

On Saturday (8/12/2018) it was interesting to see the old and the new together in Victoria Harbour. Photo taken from the Alma Barge.

Keel painted ….

The priming of the steel casing around the keel has been completed. The casing needed wire brushing to removed the surface rust from the steel, checking for any deeper rust and then priming with a two pack metal primer suitable for immersion in water. This task has taken volunteers several months to complete.

More recent framing photos ….

The following photos show some of the work the shipwrights have achieved in the last few weeks. The work has concentrated on framing as much as possible before the Christmas break. No explanation of each photo is needed as previous posts have explained the work that is being repeated for each frame. Work has progressed to frame 45 of the 52 on each side of the ship.


Frames and keel bolts ….

Where there are keel bolts the frame sections are butt jointed between the keel and the keelson around the bolt. In the absence of a bolt then the frame section can be a solid piece straddling the keel. The horizontal bolts shown on the sides of the frames are securing the two side by side sections together. ( see next photo.)

AD 17112018 (4)