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The spar progresses ….

The spar has been progressing in regards to the end shapes and the profile along the length. The taper from the middle to each end must be the same and the profile at the ends needs to cater for the steel hoop that is to be attached.


Margin and cover boards removed ….

The margin and counter boards from the counter at the stern have been removed. All timber is in the shed being inspected and where necessary repaired. All timbers have been labelled and makes reinstalling easier.

Spar progress …

The laminating of timber planks has been completed and shaping of the spar commenced. The spar has a specific taper and symmetry so that steel attachments can be positioned. The rectangular holes are at each end and will have a sheaf and axle attached inside.

New covers completed ….



The last section of the new covers was fitted on Saturday 26/11/16. Most of the framing and the covers were replaced after the storm about 6 weeks ago. A good deal of volunteer time has been put into this task. The ship and workers are now protected from the elements – both hot, sunny  and stormy wet weather.

Historical photos 1984 ? ….

Thought I would share a few photos that I came across when looking at the information for the Petersville Regatta.  The Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron has the first photo. as part of its promotion for the 2016 Petersville Regatta in December. It appears, from the caption, that the photos are from the 1984 Regatta.

Stern beam shelves ….


New starboard beam shelf at the stern.

New port beam shelf at the stern.

The two beam shelf sections at the stern  have been replaced. The 2 large timbers were shaped in the shed and inserted through the bulkheads from the engine room to the Master’s cabin at the the stern. This procedure is itself difficult considering the weight and dimensions of each timber piece. Once clamped in position, the timber is wrapped in plastic or vinyl and steamed for several hours. As the timber softens the clamps are used to bend and shape the timber to an exact fit to the frames. Bolts and dumps are used to permanently fix the shelf in position. The two beam shelves have beam photographed from the Master’s cabin.

New covers ….

The new covers have arrived and are currently being installed on the refurbished framework. This is a very labor intensive job given the weight of each section that has to lifted onto the frame and stretched and attached securely.