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Bow thruster tunnel continued ….

The centre section of the bow thruster has been bolted into place. The bow thruster is now ready for the drive unit to be fitted in the centre section.

Bow thruster tunnel …

As previously noted the bow thruster tunnel had been delivered to Shed 2. It has now been installed into the hull of the Alma Doepel. The bow thruster mechanical components will be installed at an appropriate time in the fitting out of the ship.

Mooring posts ….

Two port and two starboard mooring posts have been refurbished and refitted.

Custom brackets have been fabricated to securely attach the mooring posts to the frames

Rudder post ….

In an effort to minimise any future teredo worm infestation the rudder post has been sheaved in lead. The timber was coated in a mastic sealant and the lead sheeting covered this and was attached with copper nails. Copper and lead resist corrosion and will provide a barrier to infestation in the small space between the rudder and rudder post.

Thruster tunnel ….

The thruster tunnel has been fabricated and has arrived at Shed 2 ready to be installed. This is the tunnel that the bow thruster unit will be housed in.

Message for volunteers ….

“Hi all

Pleased to say we are open to volunteers from tomorrow (Thursday) if you would like to come in.

Please note changes to entry to shed due to wharf survey. Park as usual in marked bays then use North Wharf Road sliding door to shed.



Received the above message from Peter Harris about the lifting of the covid-19 restrictions.

Great news for our volunteer group who can attend again from Thursday 29th October 2020

Both A frames refitted ….

This photo, provided by Peter Harris, shows both A frames bolted up to the hull ready for the propellor shafts to be fitted. Photo was taken on Friday 9th. October 2020.

Progress update ….

The starboard A frame has been fixed to the hull and awaits the installing of the propellor shaft. The appropriate caulking for the planks beneath the A frame has necessarily been completed.

The new stem has changed from a squarish slab of timber to the lovely curved shaped of the original stem. Primed and ready for any fittings to be attached.

Great Ocean Quarterly ….


The Great Ocean Quarterly journal recently referenced the Alma Doepel restoration project on facebook. Their endeavours and fundraising efforts are worth a look.

greatocean    greatocean crowdfunding

Fitting the new stem ….

AD 13082020 peter (1)

AD 13082020 peter (2)

The new stem is being lifted and positioned ready for final shaping and bolting. The new stem replaces the timber section above the steel covering the keel. Thanks again Peter.