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Frames and keel bolts ….

Where there are keel bolts the frame sections are butt jointed between the keel and the keelson around the bolt. In the absence of a bolt then the frame section can be a solid piece straddling the keel. The horizontal bolts shown on the sides of the frames are securing the two side by side sections together. ( see next photo.)

AD 17112018 (4)



Great framing progress ….


Left photo is from the previous post 2 weeks ago and the other photo shows the progress on the starboard side.  Several frames have been removed, some completed and  others commenced. The photos below show the port side with similar progress. Each frame requires 8 to 10 laminated sections to be made and fixed. It can be time consuming  removing the old frames as the ceiling planks in each cabin need to be preserved as most do not need to be replaced.


The next photo shows the keelson and frames in a rib-like pattern. The battens running parallel to the keelson are used by the shipwrights to shape the inward-facing side of the frames. This is necessary to obtain the correct shape for the inside of  the cabins, engine room etc.

5 AD 17112018 (3)

Engine room framing ….

The engine room has had the engine mounts and frames removed and the shipwrights are now installing the new frames as they progress toward the stern.

Garboard strake progress ….

AD 03112018 (8)

Another section of the garboard strake has been fixed on the starboard. It has been butt joined to the first section that extends to the bow.

New bolt extracting machine ….

A new machine was manufactured to remove the long bolts from the engine mounts. The extraction was from below the hull and used a hydraulic cylinder to pull the bolts out.

Framing update ….

Framing has progressed past frame number 39 and several are in various stages of being fixed to the other section of timber.

AD 27102018 (22)

Photo shows how close the framing is getting to the stern and therefore completed –  then ready to move onto planking the hull.

All engine mounts removed ….


The engine room has had all the engine mounts removed which allows the frames to be fixed in place.

Port and starboard engine mounts stacked below the hull ready to be moved to the shed for inspection. The timbers appear to be in good condition as the oil and fuel that has spilt has ” preserved ” them.