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Completed strakes @31/8/2019 ….

AD 31082019 (16)

The previous diagram showing the completed strakes did not include the 4 upper four  – marked T, V, X, and Z. These alternate strakes have been fixed to the frames for several years and will be included in all updates.  There are now 7 lower  and 4 upper strakes completed – totalling 11.  Each strake comprises of  5 to 7 planks ( lengths of timber ) fixed to the frames. At present the number of planks affixed to the hull is 137.


Planking photos only ….

Completed strakes ….


This diagram represents the starboard side of the Alma Doepel,  The vertical lines represent the 53 frames of the hull and the A to Z notation is the label for the 26 strakes of the hull.  The A,B,C,D,E and F strakes have been marked to indicate that they have been affixed to the frames.

I will be updating the diagram regularly to show the progress.


Positioning planks ….

A series of wedges and props hold the plank in place until it is fixed to the frames.

Great bevelling ….

The shaping of the plank end to match the curve of the stern post has been completed in an incredibly skilful way. The shipwrights have always shown great skill and this section of planking accentuates the curve and shaping of the hull.

before                                                     after

The curved section of the stern post at the top left corner of before photo has been covered with the similarly shaped ends of the two topmost planks in the after photo.

Great progress ….

Four strakes  – port and starboard  – have been fixed to the frames.  As shown previously the sections are joined with butt or scarph joints according to the planking  plan set out by the shipwrights.

Plank sections ….

When the sections of the planks are fastened to the frames there is 2 methods of “joining ” the sections.  The first photo show a scarf join and the second a butt join. The shipwrights bevill the surfaces so that there is a space for the caulking. The lower photo also shows how deep into the plank the bolt and spike heads are. This space is plugged and sanded. The lower strake has the plugs sanded flush with the plank surface and then painted. There are about 3000 plugs to be inserted in the holes.