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Volunteers at work ….

The preparation and painting of the steel keel shoe is still a work in progress for several volunteers. All steel surfaces are cleaned with wire brushes, of all paint and rust before being painted.

AD 03082018 (1)

The decking on the port fore deck has had the caulking removed and is now being lifted.

AD 03082018 (4)

All the dumps are being removed and the timber of all beams are being assessed for repairs or replacement. The dump pulling machine has been manufactured in-house by volunteers. Works really well.



Shipwrights work ….



Some of the frames and the keelson have needed extra timber laminated onto them to get the correct shape. The extra timber will be planed to the exact shape needed before being painted ready for planking.

The shipwrights also need to calculate many dimensions relevant to the frames and planks. Each plank is a unique part of the hull and its dimensions, its taper or bend or twist needs to be known and the effect on the other planks.

The gaps between the keelson, the frames and the keel are being sealed, from port and starboard, with suitable hardwood timber pieces. These pieces are shaped by the shipwrights to fit exactly and tightly in the spaces.

New load of planks ….

Another load of hardwood planking timber has been delivered to Shed 2. This timber is relatively green and will be some of the first to be used when planking commences again. Green timber is suited to planking below water line.

Plank shaping ….

The replacement for this plank requires more shaping than most other planks as it has a near 90 degrees twist over its length. A challenge that the shipwrights are up to.

Removing the decking ….

Lifting the deck planks is managed by drilling around each dump through to the deck beam. The plank is then lifted and the holes are filled and the dumps removed from the beams.

preparing for planking ….

Starboard frames have been faired and more battens placed along the expected lines of the planks. It is essential that the battens are precisely shaped and spaced as this will dictate the shape of the hull when the planking commences.

Lifting the foredeck ….

Volunteers have commenced removing the caulking from the foredeck planks. This has enabled the planks to be lifted and the deck beams to be inspected. As can be seem in the photos there needs to be some repairs done to the beams. Water has leaked below the deck and damaged some areas of the beams. The deck planks need to be lifted without damage if possible as they will be used to replank the deck after all repairs have been completed. The holes have been drilled around the dumps to allow the planks to be lifted. These holes will be glued and dowelled and the spikes and dumps left in the beams will be removed and the holes again glued and dowelled.

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