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Stern planking removed ….

Planking at the stern has been removed so that frames can be inspected then repaired or replaced.


More ex – wharf timber ….

Some more timber from a demolished wharf has arrived at Shed 2.  Shipwrights will decide where this timber is best used in the restoration of the Alma Doepel. All metal bolts and dumps are to be removed and the timber assessed for future use.

Frames and more frames ….

Shed 2 has become a frame factory – the shipwrights and volunteers have been concentrating on finishing the framing of the hull so that planking can recommence with all frames in place and fully contoured for the desired hull shape.

The following photos show frames from Saturday 22/9/2018 that were fixed to the hull the following week. The markings on the frames indicate what position they are to be placed in.


The set of photos below are of the next batch of frames that are being attached this week – Monday 1/10/2018. During this week the frames needed next will be  laminated from the relevant templates, ready for next week’s work.

Keel bolts and frames ….

AD 15092018 (15)

Further planing of the bow frames continues to ensure that the shape of the planking is correct.

AD 15092018 (4)

After the shipwrights have removed frames, volunteers remove any exposed metal objects ( bolts, dumps, nails etc.) and fill any holes with dowel and glue and finally paint the timber. This means that the section of hull is ready for the new or repaired frame to be attached.

AD 15092018 (7)

As frames are removed the keel bolts are exposed. As previously shown these bolts will have frames covering them and they need to be protected from corrosion. Volunteers clean the bolts then prime and paint them.

Frame production ….

As the old frames are assessed for replacement or repair the demand for new frames or frame sections to be made is increasing.  The result is that the shipwrights now have 6 frames on the barge ready for fixing to the hull and another 4 in different stages of production in the shed. When the hull has been cleared of bolts and dumps, all holes glued and dowelled and timber painted the frames can be attached.

Deck beams ready for fitting ….

Two new deck beams have been made and are ready to be fixed to the beam shelves at the bow of the ship. The top photo shows 3 pieces of unpainted timber – the left and right pieces are to be scarfed together and fitted forward of the scaffolding shown in the lower photo. The centre unpainted timber piece is to be fitted further forward near the breasthook.

Painting the stem ….

The stem has been sealed with an epoxy resin and then painted with an aluminium –  based paint from Hempel. Sections where graving pieces are to be inserted have been left unpainted. Further painting will occur after all repairs have been completed.