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Inspection of bulkheads ….

Lining boards have been removed from a bulkhead so that some steel supports could be inspected. The boards are being rejuvenated – all nails removed and the nail holes dowelled and glued. After a fresh coat of primer and paint the boards are returned to the bulkhead.


Solid timber floor beams ….

As well as spotted gum plank timber arriving at Shed 2, some much larger timbers have been delivered. This timber, also spotted gum, will be fitted as floor beams. It is desirable to have solid timber floor beams rather than laminated sections. This timber has been milled at the same mill as the planking timbers. The shipwrights are already shaping this timber for fitting to the hull.

Floors – transverse members that reinforce the frames and carry the strength athwartships across the keel.

Floor Timbers – athwartships timbers that attach to keel and frame heels and serve to unify the backbone and frameing as well as strengthen the lowermost strakes

Follow link for a diagram of floors

Metal lodging knees – problem solved ….

Following the blog post of March 26th 2018, the same metal knees have been treated and primed with a white primer.  Final 2 pack finish has been applied and the knees will not deteriorated as before. Again thanks to one of our sponsors Hempel.

Supports moved ….

Several frames have been exposed when the steel tripod supports have been removed. These frames have been inspected and any repairs commenced. As the shipwrights and volunteers work towards the stern each steel support will be removed and reinstalled under frames that have already been finished. This support helps maintain the shape of the hull as further frames are removed for repair.

AD 10032018 (24)

Another bow comparison ….

It is encouraging the see the progress made in the few months and how this work ids now quickly progressing along the port frames towards the stern. The above water frames have already been refurbished, repaired, replaced etc and the work now is continuing the frames below the water line to connect with the keelson or keel  or both.

Another load of planking ….

The 75 mm. thick spotted gum for hull planking began arriving this week after being cut in New South Wales. There are three stacks shown here, with more arriving next week as well as a load of 150 mm. thick material, which will be used for the straighter sections of framing i.e. floor timbers. As the planks are supplied unseasoned, the ends of the planks are protected against splitting by painting the ends and applying gang nailed steel plates. The planks shown are 6 metres long while some arriving with the next delivery will be 6.6 metres.  Many thanks to Ian for the photos and explanations.

Metal knees – problem ….

These metal knees, which join the center plate cases to the floor timbers, were previously cleaned and painted ready for reinstallation. Flaking of paint was noticed on some knees and Hempel, our paint suppliers, were contacted for advice. Because the older knees are of wrought iron (notice the iron layering effect on the foreground knee) and the more recent knees are steel, the rust protection and painting requirements are different. The knees have now been grit blasted back to bare metal and Hempel are supplying a new paint to protect the knees.
AD 27052017 ready (6)
This is a photo. from May 2017 showing the layers of wrought iron after they had been cleaned and rust inhibited. The same layering became evident again after the incorrect primers and paints were used .