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Plank sections ….

When the sections of the planks are fastened to the frames there is 2 methods of “joining ” the sections.  The first photo show a scarf join and the second a butt join. The shipwrights chamfer the surfaces so that there is a space for the caulking. The lower photo also shows how deep into the plank the bolt and spike heads are. This space is plugged and sanded. The lower strake has the plugs sanded flush with the plank surface and then painted. There are about 3000 plugs to be inserted in the holes.


Stem repairs ….

A large graving piece has been inserted where some soft timber has been removed from the stem.  The smaller hole is having another graving piece made to fit.  All the soft timber – small or large – will be removed and graving pieces inserted so that the stem is at maximum strength and long lasting.

Three strakes attached ….

There is now 3 strakes that have been fixed to the frames. Hardwood plugs are glued in the holes so that the bolt heads are sealed from the saltwater. The plugs are sawn and sanded flush with the plank and then painted. The plank surfaces will eventually be faired smooth.

Holes plugged ….

The holes in the planks for the bolts and nails need to be plugged in a watertight manner. Plugs of spotted gum – the same timber as the planks – are made in Shed 2 and glued into the holes. The excess plug protruding with be sanded flush with the plank surface then primed.

Garboard plank progress ….

Athird section of the garboard plank has been fixed on both the port and starboard side. All plank sections will be primed with an aluminium based, underwater paint. As can be seen the keelson is also being similarly primed.

Garboard plank section added ….

Top photo shows the second section of the garboard plank on the port side of the hull.  The chamfer or caulking seam is clearly evident in the second photo. This chamfer will be done on all planks and is the space or seam between planks that the caulking is inserted into.



Plank planning ….

A plan for planking the hull has been developed and battens have been attached to the frames. The battens indicate the position of the planks. Four sections of the garboard planks ( two each side of the ship at the bow ) have been fastened and painted.