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March progress update

March 21, 2022
The shipwrights have completed the deck fairing and are bolting in place the bases for reinstallation of the whalebacks on the foredeck. Fixing of the first plywood layer of the deck is expected to commence in this area before month’s end.
The forward side of this bulkhead is being lined with tongue and groove planking machined and installed by one of our volunteers. In the foreground is part of the framing for the lower deck of the chain locker.
Looking down onto that same lower deck framing of the chain locker. Water and debris from the chain will drain below this deck and be pumped out via the bilge pumping system.
The area of deck above the forward section of the engine room is to be removable so that the fuel tanks can be craned in and later craned out if necessary for maintenance or replacement. The black painted steel brackets allow for unbolting of deck beam sections to allow tank installation or removal.
Our volunteer fuel tank constructors/ welders are advancing the fabrication of the fuel tanks. After completing the internal welds of walls, floor and baffles they will install and weld the tops of the tanks.
If you were wondering what happened to the barge Alma sat on for eight years, here it is being given a face lift by its new owner.

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