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January Progress

February 6, 2022

The main work in January has involved fairing the deck to final shape before commencing the first layer of plywood.

The foredeck area forward of the main deckhouse being faired. The two whalebacks have been temporarily removed to ensure a consistent deck shape. Work is still proceeding in the chain locker up forward as described in a previous post.
This view of the deck fairing gives an indication of the accuracy and time required to achieve deck shape in all directions. Sometimes thin layers of deck beam timber need to be added and glued in place only to be partially shaved again as the fairing continues. The photos cant really show the work involved or the skips full of shavings produced.
Some tasks, just below deck level, are more easily performed before deck placement. The winding mechanism for raising one of the centreboards is shown here being positioned on top of the forward centreboard case.
The previously removed deck planking, with its caulking and bitumen still attached, is being cleaned by volunteers so that it can be machined to its new shape.
Cleaned and machined deck planks ready to be cut in half lengthwise to form the new top layer of the deck.
In the captains cabin, ceiling planks are being replaced. Each plank is drilled in several places to allow access to the bolts from the outside hull planking, should these bolts ever need to be removed for future hull plank repairs.

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