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Final Works for 2021

December 19, 2021
Our shipwrights are now taking a well earned break after working on the deck beams and many associated tasks. The yellow fairing battens on the deck guide the shipwrights in cambering and shaping the deck beams, knees and other timbers which are planed to receive the first layer of plywood decking. The two white steel water tanks are temporarily sitting on the engine beds awaiting installation of fireproofing material on the hull sides where the tanks will finally be positioned.
Until the main decking is installed, every opportunity is taken to complete tasks in difficult areas. This area in the forepeak functions as the chain locker for the main anchor chain at the base of the temporary ladder. An intermediate deck has been installed below the original breasthook, with an access ladder to a main deck hatch. A heavy partial height bulkhead will be installed aft of the small deck to contain the chain.
Volunteers skilled in metalwork have taken on the task of fabricating two new 4500 litre fuel tanks. These tanks will be a better shape for the engine room space, freeing more space for black water tanks and ensuring the fuel tanks meet current standards. Seen here in the middle of one of the tanks is the baffle wall which prevents fuel sloshing around in a seaway. The cutout in the baffle coincides with the inspection hatch opening in the yet to be installed front of the tank, allowing inspection of both halves of the tank.

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