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Return to Water, Saturday 16 October 2021

October 17, 2021

If you follow this site, you will probably have watched the live stream return to water of Alma or visited our Facebook site. The images below are just a small snapshot of the many photographs and videos from this milestone event.

The moment after eight years when Alma is free of the barge and hanging by four massive 50 tonne slings lifted by the two cranes on the lift ship. The barge was towed back to Docklands where it will await possession by its new owners.
No going back now. Alma is afloat next to the AAL Shanghai lift ship. Shipwrights and others were on board at this stage checking for leaks and ready to start emergency pumps if required. No leaks were found. Alma is floating about 3-400 mm above her final projected marks since there is about 50 tonnes of machinery, tankage, fitout, rigging etc still to go back on board.
After being towed back to North Wharf, Alma was shepherded back to her berth by the two Svitzer supplied tugs which had assisted us all day.
Our Captain for the day was Matt McDonald, CEO of Searoad Ferries. The First Mate position was filled by our Restoration Director, Peter Harris OAM. Whilst Alma was not under her own power during the day we were still required to have trained mariners in charge.
The team of shipwrights and volunteers required for the days on water activities. There would be many more if all those people working behind the scenes could be shown. Thanks to you all.
A reminder of what Alma looked like in 2013 after she had been loaded on the barge in Williamstown and towed back to Docklands.

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