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More hull items complete

June 22, 2021
Fitting of the rudder is complete and the propeller shafts fully installed. Restraints have been fitted to the shafts in the engine room to ensure the shafts do not pull out of the hull after the propellers are fitted and the ship is being towed following launching. Engines will be fitted after launching.
The hull now has one complete coat of the four required coats of red antifouling paint. Timber pieces have been added on both bows just above the waterline to prevent damage from the anchor flukes. The bow thruster tunnel has been bolted into the hull around the flange plate and sealed with a welded plate on the end. This will keep the tunnel dry inside the ship so that fitting of the thruster machinery can continue after the ship is returned to the water. The tunnel projections will be cut off at a later time to allow water to flood the tunnel.

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