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Works in progress prior to re-launch.

May 16, 2021
  1. Lead sheathing along the timber part of the keel is 90 percent complete after approximately 4000 copper nails have been used to secure the lead.
  2. Volunteers continue to work on the through hull fittings and finalising internal valves.
  3. Painting of internal surfaces is proceeding. External surfaces will be coated once the fitting of stern tubes and bow thruster are complete.
Bow thruster tunnel and hull plate partially extracted from the hull to allow full welding to be completed without damaging the hull timbers. Temporary steel supports will be cut off after full welding. The assembly will be painted, pushed back into the hull and the outer plate bolted to the hull.
Belting ( rubbing rail) has been attached to the planking just below deck level. It consists of two layers of 150 wide timbers, some of which required steam bending prior to bolting to the hull. The belting is at the widest part of the hull and protects the hull timbers when alongside a wharf or other vessel.

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