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Starboard planking nears the end ….

April 9, 2020

During Thursday 9th of April 2020 I received 3 photos showing the amazing progress of the planking of the Alma Doepel on the starboard side. The photos were sent to me courtesy of Peter Harris.

The top photo shows the space where the next 2 planks will be fixed.

The lower photo shows the forward most plank fixed.

The photo below shows all the attached planks painted and the space for the plank to be fixed after Easter.  Photo again thanks to Peter.

plank 3IMG_0135

There are 5 planks on each side to be fitted below the sheer strake where the white side props are bolted to the hull. The props are needed to support the hull while it is on the barge.

On the port side there are about 25 planks still be attached.

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