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Spike pulling machine ….

October 23, 2018

Sometime ago I was asked to show how this custom made contraption actually worked. Previous photos showed the machine in operation but not how the dumps, bolts and spikes were actually lifted out of the hardwood frames, deck beams etc. I have a series of seven photos with captions for each that hopefully explains this method.

AD 06102018 (1)

The metal piece in the wood – it may have the head still inact or need a new head welded to it.

AD 06102018 (3)

The machine parts – an outer shell with a section cut out, a bolt with a top plate and a boxed section attached at the base and 3 keys to use as a collar over the bolt head.

AD 06102018 (7)

The bolt section is inserted inside the outer shell.

AD 06102018 (9)

This is placed over the offending piece of metal as shown with the head inside the hole.

AD 06102018 (11)

An appropriate sized key is positioned over the head of the bolt as shown.

AD 06102018 (13)

The top nut is cranked so that the lower part around the bolt is lifted bringing the bolt with it.

AD 06102018 (14)

When the lift is high enough the bolt is free from the timber.

Hope this has explained how this machine operates.


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