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Structure of a frame ….

October 12, 2018

Each frame has two sections – a fore and an aft  – that are bolted together. The two sections are made up several shaped, laminated pieces that have to have staggered joins for maximum strength. The type of joint changes between a butt joint and a scarf joint again to have maximum strength in the final frame structure.

AD 22092018 (44)

Sections of frames ready to be fixed to the hull. The scarf joints ( the two long cut sections )  and the butt joints ( straight cut ends ) are  made in the shed and fitted to their corresponding sections at the ship.

AD 22092018 (18)

Frames sections attached to the ship showing the staggering of the joins and the change in the type of joint.

AD 22092018 (46)

Each frame section is unique and is made from a template. The shipwrights code each section as it is made – this section is – frame number 29, port side and the forward piece of the two needed.


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