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Fairing the frames ….

July 19, 2018

The shipwrights continue to fair the frames forward of number 26 and complete a range of smaller tasks which ensure the hull is ready for planking. Fairing the port side frames has been the priority task, adding frame material to low spots, and refairing.

AD 19072018 ian (1)

Port side, looking aft. Frames in the foreground are the ones surrounding the bow thruster and are being faired to match adjacent frames.
AD 19072018 ian (2)
On the starboard side, temporary battens have been placed to mark out the planking lines and spacing. Frames are then marked along these lines and the shipwrights return to these marks to take off pattern shapes for each plank. Planking will begin at the garboard plank, which abuts the keel and proceed upwards.

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