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Getting ready for planking ….

May 23, 2018

The hull, from frame 26 forward is being prepared for planking. Frame 26 is midships – meaning that the forward half of the ship – port and starboard – will soon commence being planked. Preparation involves laying out battens marking the position of the planks. The frames need to be contoured to give the hull the desired shape. Several old frames – where the tripod steel supports were – are used as reference points for this shaping. The bare wood indicates were planing has occurred already to shape the frames.  When the frames are exactly the shape that the shipwrights want then planking will start. Planking will commence from the keel and proceed upwards.  Unlike the planking at the gunwale, each plank will attached rather than alternate planks. The alternate planking gave the hull rigidity and have been in place for up to 2 years. These planks have shrunk during this time and if every plank had been positioned the gap created between the planks would have been too large to properly caulk. The lower planks hopefully will only 6 – 8 months before caulking happens.


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