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Bolts and nuts ….

May 9, 2018


Several temporary bolts have been removed from the new frames and the shipwrights have needed the holes to be dowelled. The hard wood dowel will be sawn flush with frame, sanded smooth and the painted. This will give a solid watertight sealing of the hole.  Volunteers have done this work saving valuable shipwrights time.

AD 05052018 (1)

Several more bolts that appeared sound when the exposed sections were inspected but experience dictated that they be pulled out. Fortunately within the timber the bolts are all rusting.

The timber encasing the centreboard casing is being refurbished. Several bolts have been removed and the holes drilled out ready for new larger bolts to be inserted. All nuts and washers on all other bolts are being removed and replaced with new ones. These timbers are sanded and painted.

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