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Metal knees – problem ….

March 26, 2018
These metal knees, which join the center plate cases to the floor timbers, were previously cleaned and painted ready for reinstallation. Flaking of paint was noticed on some knees and Hempel, our paint suppliers, were contacted for advice. Because the older knees are of wrought iron (notice the iron layering effect on the foreground knee) and the more recent knees are steel, the rust protection and painting requirements are different. The knees have now been grit blasted back to bare metal and Hempel are supplying a new paint to protect the knees.
AD 27052017 ready (6)
This is a photo. from May 2017 showing the layers of wrought iron after they had been cleaned and rust inhibited. The same layering became evident again after the incorrect primers and paints were used .

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