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Alma Needs New Planks fundraiser ….

February 8, 2018

Below is an extract from the Newsletter of the Alma Doepel Supporters Club for your attention  –

Alma Needs New Planks


If you have been down to Shed 2 recently you will have seen the progress being made on Alma’s hull. New planks have already been fitted to port and starboard sides above the waterline.
Frames are steadily being repaired and replaced. See image below – everything white is new!

Next job is to replace 240 planks below the waterline.
We have found a timber supplier who can supply the required quality and size.

Alma’s new planks will now be milled by the end of March 2018.

Please help Alma get her New Planks.
240 planks by $500 each.

Buy one yourself or why not organise a group of 5 or 10 to join together.

Donations should be made via ACT 

10 days remaining to pledge
Plank Donors on acknowledged on Alma’s Plank Honour Board.”


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  1. Sally Shepherdson permalink

    Thanks for sending out this one!

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