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More recycled wharf timber ….

October 30, 2017

AD 28102017 ready (2)AD 28102017 ready (3)

Several packs of donated reclaimed wharf timber have arrived at Shed 2.  Each piece of timber is inspected by sight for any metal like bolts and nails and after any sighted metal has been removed, two people independently metal detect all sides of the timber with a scanner. Any missed metal is detected and then removed. This is necessary so that there is no damage to the saw blades at the mill.

AD 28102017 ready (19)

After the large timber pieces are milled, they return to Shed 2 as 20mm thick pieces similar to a wooden fence paling.

AD 28102017 ready (17)AD 28102017 ready (18)

These thin pieces of timber are then laminated into frames to be fitted to the ship.  The last photo illustrates the complex shape that the frames can be. Many need bending and some twisting as well.  These frames are fitted with almost millimetre accuracy to the hull.



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