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Unusual laminated frame ….

October 3, 2017

A new laminated frame was needed at the bow section to be placed between the keel and keelson but also directly under a water tight bulkhead. The above photos show the frame being made – note the number of laminates used and  the curve at the top or inside edge. The greatest thickness of the frame determines the number of layers or laminates that are needed and the curve is determined by the hull shape at the position the frame is to be placed.

The first and second of the 4 above photos shows the positioning of the new frame – directly below the bulkhead – port side looking forward.  The next photo. shows the frame in relation to the port-side bow-thruster frame at the bow of the ship. The last photo. shows the the frame sitting on the keel and the keelson above it.

  1. Bill Reid permalink

    How did you get the fame between the keel and the keelson?

    • The frame was able to be slid between the keel and keelson and then a shaped piece of hardwood was wedged and glued, between the frame and keelson. The last or bottom of the photos shows this piece of hardwood best.

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