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Planking ….

August 18, 2017

Starboard planking of the ship has continued and with the positioning of battens ( the small unpainted timber below the sheer strake ) more planks should be ready to be attached to the frames. The planks are attached initially with clamps and large screws and are only permanently bolted or dumped when the shipwrights are absolutely satisfied with its position and shape.

AD 12082017 ready (15)

Planking on the port side has progressed to the point that the sheer strake has been attached and the battens also lay out the exact position of several more planks. Note the bare timber of some frames – they had been painted but to get the precise shape for the hull further adjustment was made by planing the frames. The restoration of Alma Doepel has been fortunate to have such skilled and meticulous shipwrights employed.



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