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Planking refitted ….

August 5, 2017

AD 05082017 ready (14)

The sheer strake ( the top most plank ) has been refitted to the Alma Doepel. This is very significant as it means that the counter has been established and no more settling or movement is occurring. The next two planks – the 3rd and 5th planks – are set in place and are ready to be permanently fastened. Great progress over the last week.

AD 05082017 ready (2)AD 05082017 ready (3)

Meticulous preparation, with fixing battens to the frames, has laid out the exact position for the planks to be fastened.

The photo below from August 2013 shows the planking at the stern and the complexity of determining the shape and positioning of each plank.

31 August 2013 hull work progressing (14)

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