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Props near completion ….

June 18, 2017

Anchor points for the props have progressed from accurately cut steel to welded brackets, finally welded to the steel frame of the barge then painted for protection from the elements.

The square box sections of steel were fabricated individually as each was to custom fit the positon along port and starboard side of the ship. Each end was strengthened where a postioning pin needed to welded.

T sections of steel have had anchor point fabricated and welded to them. Two coats of primer and 2 coats of black have these 8 supports ready for fitting to the side of the hull. All primer and paint for the props has been donated by Hempel (Australia) P/L. Hempel has for many years provided all the paint requirements for the Alma Doepel restoration.

Work on the 8 props will be finished in the coming week – some welding and painting left to do. These props will allow the lower props in the bilge area to be removed. This is needed so that the lower planks and frames can be removed or inspected.  Further repairs as needed can then commence.

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