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The rudder post … (not the stern post …..)

September 13, 2016

I have had it brought to my attention that a basic identification error has occurred in this posting. The item identified as the stern post is in fact the rudder post. I will amend the posting and add some extra information provided to me.

The Rudder post ( not stern post ) photographed in situ at the end of July 2016 has since  been removed for assessment. It is thought that the Rudder post ( not stern post  ) is the original from the 1903 construction of the Alma Doepel and therefore of great significance. The timber has deteriorated and has been repaired previously.

“The stern post is where the hull planks end and has the 1916 stern gland and cut-off propeller shaft still in place.The rudder post was aft of the 1916 propeller aperture and is the post shown on the workshop floor, with the semi-circular shape cut for the rudder stock. The stern post has been left in place and last week a graving piece was
fitted over the old stern tube and finished off to give a level surface for the next set of timbers, the aftermost of which will be the new rudder post.”

Thanks to P. Harris for additional information and corrections.

The timbers from the rudder post ( not stern post ) lie in Shed 2 while they are assessed. If the original rudder post ( not stern post ) cannot be repaired, large pieces of hardwood timber will be needed to construct a new rudder post ( not stern post ). The future preservation of the original timbers would then be decided by the involved experts.


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