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Starboard stringer replacement ….

August 23, 2016

The starboard stringer needed to be replaced. When the Alma Doepel was built this would have been a continuous piece of hardwood. This was impossible to do when replacing the stringer. Many lengths of hardwood – 4 – 6 meters in length – were used. These timbers were shaped in Shed 2 and then lifted on board. The access to each cabin area was so restictive for such large timbers that access for positioning each piece was from the engine compartment. A block and tackle and much human effort was needed to push the timbers past the bulkheads to their correct position. The first photo shows how this was done.

The other three photos show a gap between the stringer and the beam shelf above it. This gap will be closed by forcing the stringer up before the final fastening of it to the frames.


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