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Stern work progress …

July 3, 2016

The shipwrights, with some volunteer assistance, have commenced work at the stern of the ship. Many timbers have been removed to be inspected or repaired before being refitted. Some new timber has already been fitted in the stern – distinguished by the fresh primer coat. These 3 photos have been taken from under the stern looking upwards. The markings on many of the new frames are for the shipwrights to follow when planking begins.

The decking has been removed to give easier access to the stern timbers of the ship. Many of the fastenings for the deck planks were weakened and need replacing. All the spikes and nails that are visible need to be removed and the deck beams checked. The beams that need repair may be removed to the shed or repaired in situ. The shipwrights cannot removed all timbers at the same time as the stern would collapse. Some removed timbers will need to be repaired and refitted before others can be removed.


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