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Port lodging knees …

April 19, 2016

AD knees 16042016  (1)AD knees 16042016  (2)

The positioning of the lodging knees can be seen through the space created by the removal of some decking. The decking has been lifted to facilitate the re-installing of the lodging knees. Over the years the knees have been removed, repaired, rejuvenated and replaced. Many hundreds of hours of volunteer and shipwrights time has been put into this enormous task. The lodging knees cannot be removed altogether as they providedĀ  rigidity and stiffness to the hull.

Two new lodging knees in the Master’s cabin at the stern of the ship. The unpainted knees had a laminate glued onto it in situ as it was such a tight fit with the deck beam. The new unpainted beam shelf has also recently been shaped and fitted.

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