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The joggle board refitted ….

February 21, 2016

peter h joggle 20022016 port readyAD 20022016 port ready  (1)AD 20022016 port ready  (2)AD 20022016 port ready  (4)AD 20022016 port ready  (3)

These photos show the refitted port joggle board after it has been restored. The first photograph ( provided by Peter Harris, Director of Restoration ) shows the joggle board ready to be turned over and then placed in position. The board has then been fastened with bolts or spikes to the beams below. These bolts or spikes have then been capped with timber plugs to ensure that timber does not have water penetrating through the holes.

AD 20022016 starboard ready  (15)

This is the starboard joggle board which was deemed sound and has not been removed from the deck. The holes have had the plugs removed to expose the ends of the fasteners for inspection and new plugs will be inserted later.


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