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July 6, 2015

mooring posts 04072015 ready (23) mooring posts 04072015 ready (24)

These 2 photos show the full length laminated piece of Australian hard wood used to replace the removed timber. The mooring post has been shaved in the thicknesser until solid timber is evident for the entire length. The small recess in the first photo has a bolt hole filled in with epiglue and some hardwood dowel that has been custom made to fit. This recess will then have a graving piece glued in to complete the surface.

mooring posts 04072015 ready (25) mooring posts 04072015 ready (26)

Two very different machines ised to remove the soft timber from the mooring posts. A hand router removes the smaller aptches of soft wood and then chisel work shape the hole to the exact shape ready for the graving piece to be glued and clamped. The large thicknessing machine removes the soft wood for the entire length of the mooring post. Refer to previous photos for the extent of the damage to be removed.

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